Quick Picks #1

Welcome to a new series of posts called “Quick Picks”!

My goal with this is to introduce some shorter series, whether manga or anime, I’ve recently discovered that I think are worth sharing and that I recommend! I’ll give a little introduction and review of each series in these posts as well. I came up with this idea so that I could have a place to talk about smaller series without having bunches of tiny, one paragraph posts. When I’ve found a few to talk about, I will write another post, so they’ll probably be sporadic. On occasion, I’ll mention longer series I’ve started that I’m excited about (and plan on reviewing later), but just want to mention right away, so keep an eye out for those, too! Anyway, let’s get straight to the first ever Quick Picks! \o/ Continue reading


Brothers Conflict: Is it really over?

Brothers Conflict has come to an end with 12 episodes (I don’t know why I thought there would be 13 o_O), so it’s time to sum it all up and write my review! If you haven’t read my First Impressions post about this anime, I recommend you read it first. You can find it here! This will probably be another very, very long review! てへ! Continue reading

First Impressions ~ Diabolik Lovers

Well, well, well. The fall anime season is already upon us, even though there are still summer series that haven’t completed yet! ^^ Since I have just finished watching the first episode of Diabolik Lovers, I decided to waste no time and write about it! Here I go! Continue reading

Thirteen Asian Movies

Since it’s Friday the 13th, I thought I would present thirteen Asian movies I recommend! ^^ They all are relatively unknown movies, but I think they deserve some more attention! Continue reading

The Legend of Sun Knight

Volume 1 cover of The Legend of Sun Knight

It seems that I’ve been talking about mostly anime recently, so today I decided to talk about a manhua that I can’t get enough of. I typically don’t read manhua, but this one is too good to pass up! I’m talking about The Legend of Sun Knight! This series doesn’t seem to be very well known, so I thought I would “share the love” because it is one of the rare ones that can appeal to both shoujo and shounen readers alike, despite the bishounen and shoujo sparkles. 😉 I’m going to give a little long introduction to the characters, so be prepared! Hahahahaha! Continue reading