Diabolik Lovers: Why Did I Watch This??

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve finished watching Diabolik Lovers

Well, I’m just going to pick up about where I left off, which means it’s time for me to give my long overdue review! In case you’ve forgotten what I originally thought of the series, you can remind yourself here. This is probably going to be a very rant-like post, but I’ll do my best to tone it down a bit, okay? ^.^’

First, I need to get this off of my chest before I continue: this series is messed up. Seriously messed up. I can not, in my right mind, understand why this was ever turned into an anime. I can’t even understand how it got made into an otoge! However, putting all of that aside, I somehow managed to watch the entire series with vain hopes that it would turn out better. *sighs* But not all turned out to be that bad, right? *still hopeful to the end*

Yui becomes a vampire

Yui becomes a vampire

I’ll start off with the heroine, Yui. Honestly, she was pretty annoying. And stupid. Stupid because she didn’t run away when Subaru told her that she had a PERFECT opportunity to do so. She kept trying to run away beforehand and then when she can actually do it safely and properly, she goes, “Uhhhhh, nope, teehee! Imma stay here!” *argh* I was also a bit confused about how she survived at the end. She stabs herself in the heart (which is actually Cordelia’s) to kill Cordelia which also means killing herself. She then somehow, with the help of one of Reiji’s potions, manages to survive and more than likely becomes a vampire herself. I don’t know, maybe it’s explained better in the games, but I’m not going to bother with that. lol

Shuu- Not a bad guy

Shuu- Not a bad guy

Shuu‘s up next. He was pretty much exactly like I thought he would be, a lazy bum. He was passable as a character. He didn’t have any ridiculous names for her and I think he would have grown up to be a very sweet person if not for his childhood. I get the feeling that he bit her and spoke a bit harshly to her more for his own sake than for hers. I get the feeling he won the dart game to try to help her a bit.

Reiji- Stuck up to the end

Reiji- Stuck up to the end

Continuing on with Reiji now. Talk about someone with a very high opinion of themselves. He could have been worse, but I still didn’t like him. His nickname of “servant” is one of the milder ones, but it strangely suits his style and the way he treats her (not that that’s a good thing). He is very talented with potions though, since he was able to save Yui’s life.

Reiji- Stuck up to the end

Raito- I still couldn’t like him

What to say about Raito. I think I dislike him second most out of all the brothers. Besides calling her “Bitch-chan” all the time, he really didn’t do anything else other than try to “sweet-talk” Yui and act like her stalker. Well, he did kill Richter in the end, so I guess he does deserve some credit there.

Kanato- I can't get over how creepy he is

Kanato- I can’t get over how creepy he is

Kanato was the creepiest, hands down. So what I thought was just a strange teddy bear turned out to be his mom’s, Cordelia’s, ashes. Um, what? Good thing he hung onto her ashes, though, since they were needed for Reiji’s potion. I really couldn’t like him, even less than Raito. And after 12.5 episodes, I still don’t understand his under-eye shadows… O_o

Ayato- Tsundere

Ayato- Tsundere

Finishing up with the triplets comes Ayato. He ended up being Yui’s lover boy. In the very least, he is her main lover boy, since he seems to be somewhat alright with sharing. He seemed to be very tsundere: he called her “Chichinashi” only to get her attention, in my opinion. He wanted Yui to notice him no matter what kind of attention it was. I didn’t really like him, but he wasn’t the worst possible option.

Subaru- Better than I thought

Subaru- Better than I thought

Last of the brothers, it’s now Subaru‘s turn. He didn’t turn out as bad as I thought he would. Actually, he was also a passable character. Like Shuu, I think he tried to push Yui away and acted mean to her more for his own sake. I mean, he even gave her a means to defend herself and even told her when she had an opportunity to run away.

I like this clock

I like this clock

Besides the opening theme song (which was pretty good), one of the few things I really liked about this anime was the way they used a clock to show which episode it was. The pastel colors were also a nice touch. It made the anime very nice to watch visually, in addition to the nice art. I’m still surprised that this even made it past the “idea” stage of the production process. :/ I will say that they did an excellent job casting the seiyuu, too. Which made it even more disappointing that I didn’t like the actual story. *sad* While it was not definitely not my cup of tea, I’m sure there are those who really enjoyed this series. To each his own, right?

So, did you enjoy the series? Not enjoy it? Didn’t even bother to watch it? Let me know below!

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


5 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Why Did I Watch This??

  1. imperviousobscurity

    I didn’t like the story of this series as well. It was too sadistic and idiotic of Yui to actually let all the brothers suck her blood. Haha. I liked the graphics and opening song though. 🙂

    1. oujotaku Post author

      I know what you mean. Yui was too weak of a character. I think the story would have been much better if she had more confidence and was stronger. It seems the art and opening theme were pretty much the only redeeming points of the series. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by! ^.^

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry for the rant, but…

    Okay, so first of all, I’ve seen many people going like this:

    First, please read this article concerning the use of the word “Mary Sue”. I really don’t like that term and…well, I really like Yui. I’ve typed up a number of my thoughts about her here. The bottom line, though, is I think she’s great. She’s kind, but also firm in her beliefs. She’s very smart, but knows how to keep herself safe (even if this means biting her tongue sometimes).
    But I think her best features—which everyone should maybe take a little bit of—are that she sees the best in everyone and she never gives up. Honestly, considering how messed up the Diabolik Lovers guys are, she’s the best possible heroine for them. (I cringe a little when I see people make up “more badass” OCs to replace her because those characters never would have survived the first week at the mansion) In the Sakamakis’ inconstant lives, she is the one steadfast source of constancy. For the battered and broken Mukamis, she’s a reminder of what it means to be human. That’s why she comes to be so important to each of them. Yui narrates during Laito and I think Subaru’s routes in HDB that she didn’t get out much when she was living with her dad. She didn’t go out with her friends (if she had any) much, if at all. Also, from details on Kou’s route in MB, Yui doesn’t seem to care or even know much about pop culture. Based on that, I think she wasn’t given much access to computers or TV. When asked to sing a song, she picks a hymn rather than any pop music. This might be because her dad knew she would be given to the Sakamakis eventually, so he wanted to keep her a “pure” bride for them. Thus, Yui had a very sheltered and confined lifestyle. think that when she wasn’t at school, she was simply helping out at the church or studying at home (hence her good grades). Yui probably led a very solitary life and is thus used to doing things for herself (ie: cooking) so that would also explain why she’s particularly confused and unsure of what to do when she’s forced to live with a group of guys she doesn’t know.
    Towards “I hate Yui…”, provided they have some legitimate reasons for disliking her that aren’t “because she’s female” or “because she’s stupid” (which is false) or “because she’s too passive” (which is also false) I guess I can’t really say anything. People have characters that they don’t like and I think that fandom is a little overzealous sometimes in labeling someone an awful sexist just because they don’t like a female character. That said, I will find the person kind of pathetic for hating a fictional character because that’s a very strong emotion to have about something that is so insignificant in the grand scheme of life.Towards “Yui doesn’t deserve the Sakamaki brothers”, I would actually agree because she deserves way better than them. Let’s face it. The fact that the brothers fall in love with and become somewhat nicer to her later does not justify all the pain and suffering (both physical and mental) that they all put her through. ALL of them, from the “angelic, omg so much like a shoujo manga” Subaru to the sadistic “screamer with a fork” Kanato, put Yui through things that a nice girl like her who’s never wished harm towards anybody would never deserve. That nobody deserves. They treat her as an object, as an animal, as a being with no agency and no right to her body or her own life. I love the Sakamakis dearly, but realistically speaking, they are really a bunch of selfish assholes.
    Wait, haha, that wasn’t what they meant? They meant that Yui doesn’t deserve the Sakamakis because they’re too good for her? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaha… Oh, you’re serious. Welp all I can say to that is that clearly the person saying that has never experienced manipulation or abuse at the hands of someone they’ve trusted. It’s pretty abysmal, putting it very mildly; so to say that a nice girl like Yui doesn’t deserve a vampire who tortures her and could kill her at any time is pretty messed up. Anyone saying that is either very sheltered or rather young or very misogynistic—probably a combination of the three. There is no point in arguing with them about that, as they will figure it out for themselves in a couple of years, no doubt. To be a bit more ~academic~ about it, Yui is honestly the only person who could change the Sakamakis and get them to fall in love and get back in touch with their humanity precisely because she is so gentle, kind, and understanding. A “strong heroine” in the sense of being able to fight or talking back all the time would have gotten herself killed on day one without having changed anything. That is something that I think a lot of people don’t understand. For this group of immortal killers with magical powers who have been raised all their lives to believe that “humans are beneath us” and “if you really love something, kill it”, time and understanding are the best weapons. Challenging their authority or trying to face them head-on as a normal human being would never work. So Yui was never passive, she was being smart—knowing how to weigh her chances and wait for the right opportunity to act. Yui is the best heroine for the Diabolik Lovers universe and that I will argue every time.
    I now have another rant, this time concerning the usage of “strong” OCs in Diabolik Lovers fanfictions, which will also concern rewriting the whole anime plotline to cater to the OC’s whims.

    Diabolik Lovers fanfiction should win an award for how terrible it is. I have, of course, run into a few good pieces here and there, but on a whole, it fails to qualify as any sort of legitimate writing by my standards. Diabolik Lovers fanfiction takes a certain amount of awareness in order to give it purposeful ridiculousness. Mostly what people seem to do is complain about Yui, and swap in their own OC. Then proceed to rewrite the first episode over and over and over and over. I have watched DL maybe four times, but I feel like I’ve seen the beginning scene at least thirty.

    If I have to watch it one more time, I’m gonna break something.

    Probably your OC.

    The reason I don’t complain about Yui Komori is because I like her. I think she is absolutely the most suited to the situation, and surviving the situation. What you have to understand is that Diabolik Lovers was originally an otome game, so a lot of different things had to happen to Yui. They needed a flexible character who could change depending on her situation, and a so-called “stronger” character wouldn’t have been able to do that. In a dating sim, your character is sort of required to fall in love. But maybe people don’t research this stuff like I do, and think DL is just a weird anime. Well, I’m here to tell you that even if you think that, you’re still wrong about Yui.

    Without fail, every time I’ve seen someone replace Yui with someone “stronger,” they’ve been a loud-mouthed, obnoxious brat who swears a lot. It’s sort of like having a fly in your house. It buzzes and runs into the window and lands all over your food, and you bet I’m going to kill that thing with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. The noisier your OC is, the harder the Sakamakis would work to shut her up. They have a torture chamber in their basement. They have an entire building dedicated to dolls Kanato has made out of previous victims. When Yui tried to escape, Laito followed her and raped her in a church. These people do not mess around.

    Another big point of contention is that even if your character is physically strong, she’s still a girl going up against a vampire. Yuma Mukami is 6’3″. That’s really flipping tall. Even if he were just a regular human, he would have an advantage against you due to sheer body mass alone. As a vampire, this guy probably hits like Accelerator. He could pick up cars. He could bring a building down. And you want to tell me your little human girl stands a chance against this?

    But I think the biggest thing that people seem to miss is that the anime for DL isn’t really a story. It’s just a sequence of events, and then a little bit of plot tossed in at the end. You’re introduced to the characters and given background for them; as a writer, you’re given so much freedom! You don’t have to worry about plot holes. You can literally do whatever you want. There are not many opportunities like this, to be able to just play with fully developed characters. And you’re wasting your time writing the anime over and over?

    Adorable plot bunnies are being mercilessly slaughtered every time the anime is rewritten. If I want to watch the anime again, I will watch the anime again. Then at least I get to listen to Katsuyuki Konishi (Reiji Sakamaki’s CV.)

    1. oujotaku Post author

      Thank you for leaving a comment (which I somehow got twice but am only approving once)! It’s perfectly fine to rant, but I think you might have posted it in the wrong place, for a few reasons:
      1. This is NOT fan fiction. I never talked about changing characters or rewriting the story. It’s a review and a collection of my thoughts as a whole about the anime ONLY. I’ve never played the games or read any fan fiction or otherwise sought out any other material associated with Diabolic Lovers. The only storyline I have to go by is what I watched. I know it’s far from complete, as this was originally an otoge and there are multiple endings, and we will never get that in an anime.
      2. I never called her a Mary Sue (and yes, I know what the term means, and no, she’s not a Mary Sue).
      3. I never said she didn’t deserve the brothers. I wholeheartedly believe the contrary actually, but maybe that’s because I’m “older”.
      4. I never said I hated Yui, ever.

      Now, did I call Yui annoying? Yes, because I don’t logically think anyone in her situation would continue to believe the best in everyone after a few days of living in that house. And did I call Yui stupid? Yes, but not for the reason you think. If you read my initial impression of this series, I liked her. I thought she was really sweet and gentle and totally not deserving of the crap she was getting from everybody from the get-go. I could see she was smart and studious and I really liked that about her. She seemed like she would be an amazing friend. I called her stupid because I honestly believe she should have left when she had the chance to get away from the SAKAMAKI brothers. If the story ended at that point, with her leaving, I would have been so happy. I don’t care that she “fixed” their personalities a bit and was the only person with enough patience and kindness to do it. It made me so mad and frustrated that she willingly stayed only to get called names at every turn and put up with all the physical and emotional abuse those bastards put her through. You said so yourself, no one deserves to go through that. What I’m trying to get across is that I don’t hate Yui; I pity her. What I do hate is the series: I hate the way the male characters behave and that the anime was made in such a way that their behavior could be deemed as normal or okay because they “improved” toward the end (which I don’t believe actually happened); I hate that this kind of story is targeted toward young, impressionable girls/woman and could possibly influence their conceptions of a healthy relationship; and I hate that it was presented in a cutesy and pretty way, even though the material is dark and gritty.

      As far as what you say about the fan fiction you’ve come across… rewriting the story with a different female lead, well, a perfect saying comes to mind: there’s no sense in beating a dead horse. I honestly don’t see any other outcomes other than the way it went or the girl getting killed, as you said. I agree that they would have tortured her more severely if she hadn’t been such a calm and patient character. I did call her weak in a comment, but I do realize Yui’s strength was not exterior, but rather interior (on that note, cussing or otherwise talking tough does not a strong character make and I won’t even get into physical strength because that’s not what I meant). I called her weak because she didn’t have the willpower or confidence to leave because I think she felt too responsible to hold up the end of a bargain she had no say in; she caved under the expectations placed upon her and tried to placate everyone instead of doing what’s best for her.

      One last thing I want to mention is that you perfectly described a story: a sequence of events with a little plot thrown in. 😉 Granted, I prefer a bit more plot myself, but that’s irrelevant. I’m going to stop here. You made some very good points in your rant, though I still don’t understand why you posted a lot of it here. Only on one point was I truly “guilty” and I hope I explained myself better. Perhaps my words were poorly chosen, but I clearly meant one thing when you obviously thought I meant another. I purposefully didn’t elaborate because I wanted this review to be a quick read. I am very happy to go more in depth with you though. It made for an interesting and thoughtful discussion.

      Thanks again for leaving your thoughts. Please feel free to reply!

  3. sang ayu wulandari

    I enjoy it ^^ i really am enjoy it! Cuz… it’s so fun XD look the heroine like :v stupid and imbecile wkwkwk.. those vampire like Real! i mean mr. SADISTIC night haha… and yet there’re so handsome vampire!! (>~0)/ hahaha.. gue harap loe ngerti apa yang gue maksud


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