Brothers Conflict: Is it really over?

Brothers Conflict has come to an end with 12 episodes (I don’t know why I thought there would be 13 o_O), so it’s time to sum it all up and write my review! If you haven’t read my First Impressions post about this anime, I recommend you read it first. You can find it here! This will probably be another very, very long review! てへ!

Well, I’m happy to say that by the end of this series, I didn’t need my “cheat sheet” anymore to remember who was who! Yay! \o/ Anyway, I went through a lot of mental flip-flopping when it came to this anime, especially during the last episode! Did I like this? Did I not like that? Should she end up with so-and-so or so-and-so? Well, you get the idea. I was really debating whether I would like this anime at all in the last episode due to a certain brother (*cough*Subaru*cough*), but it actually ended really well. 🙂 Kudos to Ema for not being wishy-washy! <- More about that later. And *gasp*, were they hinting at a possible second season? ^.^ Even though I liked the way it ended, I can’t blame them for wanting to continue and give it a “real” conclusion by having her pick one (or two… or three…) brother(s) since it is a reverse harem and all. *sneaky sneaky* I myself was hoping for a 4-person ending at one point: Ema with the triplets~, lol. Whose with me!? ;P Well, I already wrote the summary for this, so I’m going to talk about each character again, but a little more in depth this time. Starting with…


Ema – One of the few heroines I actually like!!

Ema! Or Chii-chan or Imouto-chan or Onee-chan, whichever you prefer. I originally thought she was pretty sincere and level-headed, and she actually stayed that way, which made me really happy. Sometimes she came off as being flaky and hesitant, but I think that was mostly her being overwhelmed by her brothers and the fact that she was honestly trying to get along with everyone. She also tried her best to state her feelings and didn’t get pushed into a romance by anyone. She even physically pushed Fuuto off at one point! *cries tears of joy* Hooray! She was still a bit ditsy at times, but it wasn’t really annoying or anything like that. Overall, I ended up liking her as a character and as the heroine, which is pretty unusual for me.


Juli – How old is he??

I’ll talk about Juli next, the strange talking squirrel and Ema’s pet. I must admit that I found him rather annoying most of the time, but he did get a few laughs out of me as well. It was especially funny when Ema left him behind on accident when they went on vacation, lol. I was, however, a bit creeped out when he turned into a human all of a sudden. It seemed random, but he was pretty cute in his human form, lol. It’s kind of funny that he was so cute though, especially since I saw him as more of the “Uncle” character. Hehe!


Masaomi – Does he always carry lollipops around?

Since I started with the youngest brother last time, I’ll start with the oldest this time. So, Masaomi it is! Well, we really don’t see much romance from this brother. Actually, we really don’t see much of him at all… except for when he was needed. He was definitely the father figure and took care of all the parental responsibilities. I actually feel kind of bad for him though, since he is still one of the brothers, and there was a tiny hint that he was interested in her romantically. He was really nice and thoughtful though, and I think I would like him a lot if I got to know more about him, lol.


Ukyo – The neglected house-brother.

Next up is Ukyo, who definitely turned out to be the mother of the family. He didn’t really mind sharing the household duties with Ema as much as I thought he would, and even seemed happy to do them with her sometimes, if you get what I mean. 😉 There was one point though, when everyone was calling Ema to tell her that they wouldn’t be home for dinner and Ukyo got all depressed, saying that it used to be him they called! ^^ Poor guy, probably felt like he wasn’t needed anymore. We also didn’t really see much romance from him either, but there were some moments where I felt like he was holding back. I really thought he was a good and sweet guy.


Kaname – The Onii-chan with a big little sister complex.

I’m still undecided about Kaname. He was pretty much all over her whenever he could be *ugh*, but there were times where it seemed like he was doing it because he felt he had to. I don’t know, it was weird. I didn’t dislike him as much as I thought I would, especially toward the end. In the last episode, he declares that he is going to a monk training camp to try to get rid of his desire for her. I found that unexpectedly sweet and mature, especially coming from him. Who knows, if there is a second season, I may end up liking him a lot.


Hikaru – He must have a special radar to catch his brothers at the “right” time.

Hikaru is a strange character, but I found him very amusing and interesting. He always seems to catch the other brothers in romantic moments with Ema, I guess you could call him a stalker, lol. |・ω・`) I thought it was really funny that he was making an odds chart to figure out who had the best advantage, lol. He was also very bold in declaring that he will start vying for Ema’s affections during the next conflict between the brothers (hence why I think there will be a second season sometime in the near future). I also think he looks much better dressed as a man than as a woman.

Tsubaki - Did anyone notice he sleeps with an Azusa pillow? lol

Tsubaki – Did anyone notice he sleeps with an Azusa pillow? lol

Next we have the oldest triplet, Tsubaki. He is supposed to be the oldest of them, but he really doesn’t act like it, lol. He’s a big tease, too, but I think he has a lot of sincerity as well, especially toward the end. Well, maybe not so much with his brothers. I thought it was funny that Fuuto did manage to get back at him once. He’s was so selfish and pushy in the beginning, but he matured quite a bit along the way. It was a pleasant surprise of character growth!! Overall, he was a fun character and I laughed quite a few times when he was around.


Azusa – What an awesome way to introduce a character! lol

Continuing with the triplets, it’s now Azusa‘s turn! Yay! I really liked Azusa, especially how we first meet him. I laughed so much at that, lol. Along with Tsubaki, he was the source of many laughs. He’s a lot more sweet and mature and considerate than his older twin, but he has a childish side as well, which was cute to see. I felt so bad for him when he got sick. D: I also liked when he had to play the “adult” for when Fuuto entered high school (and the shock that ensued for Ema and Yuusuke); his hair looked really good like that and we got to see his entire face! lol


Natsume – He’s around pretty often for living separately.

Natsume is next and, as you already know, he is the youngest triplet. He’s a bit rougher around the edges than the other brothers, but he’s very sweet on the inside. He takes a bit after both Tsubaki and Azusa, although I think he acts older most of the time, lol. Like Tsubaki, he’s a bit pushy with Ema at times and like Azusa, he’s kind and mature. He is essentially a good mix of the both of them, lol. He really likes to dote on Ema, by giving her games to try and taking her places. He even gives her his scarf at one point! >///< Much like Hikaru, he’s around quite a bit even though he has his own place.


Louis – Founder of the Protect Chii Club.

Moving along, we’ve gotten to Louis! He was such a sweet character! At first I was a little confused when he started calling her “Chii-chan”, but then I understood that he can also communicate with Juli. He was a major pillar of support for Ema, especially when she found out that she was adopted. Louis confesses that he is adopted to, and I think they form a special bond at that moment. I think this also hinders him a bit; he knows how much she wants to become a part of the family, since he went through that, too, so he’s afraid of hurting her by telling her he wants to be with her. I seriously felt some love vibes for Ema from him. He doesn’t say anything, though, and continues to protect her with Juli.


Subaru – I think he needs a chill pill sometimes.

Next up is Subaru! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super fond of him in the beginning. He seemed all innocent and sweet, but then he became pretty hot-tempered and possessive, especially when it came to Ema. I mean, he even punches Natsume at one point. (。_°☆\(- – ) Well, I will say he was pretty cool when he was playing basketball. I think he really needed Ema to support him in this because he felt that he had lost Natsume’s encouragement. He did grow up a bit at the end, though, so he did recover some points with me. He’s another character I may come to like more in a second season.


Iori – Don’t really see much of him…

Iori felt like he was a ghost character to me, worse than Masaomi, lol. I think we saw more of his flowers than of him! ^^ Anyway, he seemed like a sweet and quiet kid who is very mature for his age. I thought it was very cute that he communicated with Ema through flowers, although he didn’t mention the romantic significance of the iris toward the end. In this respect, I think he is like Louis, in that he is very considerate of Ema and her feelings. I kind of wished we got to see more of him, especially since he was supposed to be the prince type, but then he says he’s leaving to go study abroad. O.O Man, I’m really starting to hope for that second season, lol!


Yuusuke – He’s really cute sometimes.

Haha, we’ve come to Yuusuke! Oh man, he was just too cute and too funny most of the time. I really felt so bad for him when he realized that it was Ema who was going to become his sister, since he had feelings for her long before that. She was his first crush after all! ^.^ There were a lot of hilarious moments because of this though, too. Nothing like laughing in the face of someone else’s misery, right? He held back pretty well, but I was hoping that he would tell her how he felt, especially since he said he was going to after the entrance exams. Well, he does luck out in that he’s able to get closer to her and see her a lot more! (。♥‿♥。)


Fuuto – I think he likes Ema more than he thinks he does.

What to say about Fuuto… Frankly, he pissed me off, a lot. He acted like such a brat most of the time, which got annoying very quickly. I guess you could say his attitude is due to his job, but still. He treats Ema like an object and proceeds to tell her that he won’t ever love her but that she has to love him. Really? *ugh* Although, I think he actually does like her, it’s just that he is afraid to admit it. I think Ema should break his heart and teach him a lesson, but oh well, that’s probably not going to happen. Maybe he’ll be a better person once he grows up a bit.


Wataru – A very excitable kid! ^^

We are finally at the youngest brother, Wataru! I cannot see him as a potential partner for Ema, but I will say he is one cute little brother! (-o⌒) Although, his “confession” in that last episode was priceless! He got so excited over the littlest things and I think he did a good job of cheering Ema up when she needed it. I thought it was especially adorable that he gave her a coupon for “100 Smooches” from him when she was feeling down about her exam scores (I also thought that Ukyo’s reaction to that was hilarious, Yuusuke’s as well). Fufufu~!

Rintarou & Miwa

Rintarou & Miwa – The ever-absent parents.

The last characters I wanted to talk about are Rintarou and Miwa. You seriously only see them in the episode where they get married (I think it’s episode 3). I felt bad for Ema when she thought her Papa was ignoring her when she discovered she was adopted, and I was disappointed that we didn’t actually get to see the conversation between the two of them explaining the whole situation. He seems like a nice guy though and I get the impression that he loves Ema very much. And Miwa just amazes me; she looks like she could be Masaomi’s age (if not younger), but she is his mother and gave birth to 12 children! Holy smokes woman, what is your secret?? lol Anyway, they make a cute couple, don’t they? 😉

I have to admit, I really enjoyed this anime (it turned out better than I thought it would) and it became one of my favorite reverse harems! I still really liked the opening and ending, even at the end. I have a tendency to skip them after the first couple episodes, but I watched these ones each and every time, lol. The songs were catchy and I liked how fun they were to watch. I think the seiyuus did an amazing job (I even became fond of Juli’s voice by the end) and everyone was well cast for their role. As far as the art, I feel like it improved along the way. At first, I noticed the characters looked a bit odd sometimes, especially Ema, but I didn’t notice it very much (if at all) by the end. The animation was fluid and it looked really nice, too. Overall, I think it was a really good anime and I’m really hoping to see a second season (the sooner, the better!)! The re-watch value of this anime is pretty high for me, I wouldn’t mind watching it again right away! ^^

If you asked me to pick my favorite brother… I would have to tell you that it’s… impossible, lol. I really liked most of them, and I don’t think I can pick. I don’t even think I could pick my top three! Actually, on second thought, I don’t want to pick! ლ(´ڡ`ლ) I’ll just take them all! Or most of them at least, mwahahahaha!

Anyway, if you haven’t watched it, give it a chance! If you have, share your thoughts below~!

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


24 thoughts on “Brothers Conflict: Is it really over?

  1. Apple Kat

    She ends up with Yusuke in the end. She went out with Subaru but they later break up.
    it says in the brother’s conflict wiki that:

    Yusuke is Ema’s classmate. Yusuke already had a crush on her ever since their first year, and because of this, he can’t accept her into his family at first. Despite this, he soon learns to accept it, but suddenly holding off his feelings, he keeps reminding himself that he is digging his own grave. Begrudgingly, he knows he has to compete against his brothers for Ema’s affection.after Subaru and Ema broke up she realises that her true love is Yusuke after she confess to Yusuke they become a couple and eventually married and had a daughter and two sons.

    1. oujotaku Post author

      Uwah, that’s a big spoiler right there! LOL I’m assuming this comes from the light novel?

      I’m a bit surprised that she actually went out with Subaru. I wonder how he took the break up… I’m happy she ends up with Yuusuke though, I always thought that he was the best one for her. ^^

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      1. Booboo

        Do you know what happens in Side Wataru? Seems like the 9 year time skip would give us a lot of information on the other brothers

    2. aliyadwirizkita

      im sorry but actually ema really DID end up with subaru i mean, their relationship was successful, they even got married with a daughter named chitose aka chiichan (heres a proof the adult one is wataru after a 9 year time skip. you can find this in the official fanbook called brothers conflict 13 bros maniax if im not wrong) and about the rumor that stated ema broke up with him was just some shippers delusional thought who couldnt accept the ending. they posted a fake info on the wikia, dont believe it.

      1. oujotaku Post author

        Ah, is that so? Well, it is what it is I suppose. Haha, I really can’t blame the other fans though, I personally wasn’t fond of Subaru. If he is her official choice though, I take it he must have been pretty popular with other people.

        On a side note, adult Wataru seems pretty awesome, lol.

        Thanks for giving the correct info!! 😉

  2. iTitania

    I really love your review, I mean it’s absolutely on point! *double thumbs up* And yes, I too want to get my hands on most of the brothers! *wink wink*

    1. oujotaku Post author

      I’m not aware of another season being made. I’m beginning to think there will be only one season, unfortunately.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Hanalyn

    In the novel Subaru and Ema ended up together and no they didn’t broke up, the “Yusuke went out w/ Ema” scene never happened, the story ended with the 2 of them hugging and kissing on Ema’s bedroom, and Futo went to study abroad, plus all the bros are bros now. She really did eneded up with Subaru what a bummer I like Natsume and Yusuke better imo.

    1. oujotaku Post author

      Yes, it is unfortunate. As I mentioned before, I didn’t like Subaru as her final choice either. Thanks for the comment!

    1. oujotaku Post author

      A quick search for a summary of the story should help (I would suggest the light novels). I’m sure other people have written blogs about it as well. I hope this helps!

      1. Adzrin Ian Adnan

        Well to me I prefer the manga where it feat. Natsume and it has the most chapter than others, ends up with Natsume and Ema engaged and planning for their wedding. I watch the anime at first and decided to look around for manga and in the anime, I have strong feeling about whos Ema gonna end up with and i love Ema with Natsume, found out to be true.. But the other hand, she end up with Subaru i guess (light novel)..

      2. oujotaku Post author

        Yes, Natsume does seem to have a lot more manga in which he is together with Ema. It’s not a bad thing though! 🙂

        Thanks for commenting!

  4. Anonymous

    Aww my favorite ship was Natsume x Ema! Other than the fact that he smoked… Anyway it’s rumored that the second season (24 episodes) will be released on September 12th, 2017. *makes a hopeful face* This anime is one of my favorites! Anyone have recommendations on what to watch next that is similar to BroCon? (*Kaichou wa Maid Sama is my favorite anime along with Vampire Knight*)

    1. oujotaku Post author

      It seems the whole second season is a rumor as the “release date” keeps changing. But, who knows? Maybe there will be one.

      I honestly have not watched any anime in a few years, so I’m sorry, but I don’t have any recommendations for you.

      Thanks for leaving a comment~!


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