First Impressions ~ Brothers Conflict

It’s been awhile! I’d been patiently waiting for the start of the summer 2013 anime season since about the middle of spring, and now that it’s here, I thought I would talk about the three series I’ve had my eye on and give my first impressions! Each series will be a different post, so that it’s not too much at once!

Brothers Conflict characters

Brothers Conflict characters

Since the first episode I watched of the new season was this one, I’ll start with Brothers Conflict! I’ve never played the games and the few chapters of the light novel available in English seems to only have eleven brothers, so needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of “available” characters! Thirteen brothers is a lot, and I’m having a hard time remembering who is who! I had the brilliant idea of making a little “cheat sheet” before I watched the second episode, and I will share it with everyone else who may be confused, lol (you’ll find it below). Yes, I made it just so I could print it and refer to it while watching! And yes, it does help!

Let’s see, I’ll start with a checklist:  *Somewhat ditsy heroine? Check. *Reverse harem? Check. *Bishies? Check. *Reverse harem? Check. *Strange talking animal? Check. *Large reverse harem? Double check. Haha, I have a soft spot for reverse harems, because I usually find them hilarious and very entertaining. I’ve watched quite a few of them, but this is the first time I’ve come across one with so many… options, lol. >///<

Now it’s time for a little background! HINATA Ema’s father is remarrying, and she has just became the only sister to 13 brothers. She goes to live with most them (two of them live separately) in their apartment complex (you read right) and thus begins her new family life! Oh, and the parents also live separately. But, since this is a reverse harem (in case I didn’t make that clear earlier), we all know that love will soon be in the air; and it’s actually already been in the air for one of the brothers~!

Ema comes off as being a very sweet, but lonely 16 year old girl. She also seems to be a bit ditsy, but overall sincere and level-headed. We’ll see how long that lasts, lol. Her father is an adventurer of some sort, so she has been living alone for a very long time. I actually feel kind of sorry for her; at one point in the first episode, it shows that when Ema was sick when she was young, she had to take care of herself. ಥ‿ಥ Anyway, she’s happy that she finally has a family and a noisy house to live in and I feel happy for her! Yay! \o/

A helpful guide for watching Brothers Conflict

A helpful guide to have when watching Brothers Conflict

The ASAHINA brothers range in age from 31 years old to 10 years old. I’ll start with the youngest. I must admit that I’m quite disturbed by the fact that one of the “available” characters, Wataru, is an elementary school student… He hasn’t even hit puberty yet!! I guess for Ema, 6 years isn’t too big of a difference, but who wants to date a 10 year old!? -_- I’m not into shotacon, at all. The second to last brother, Fuuto (15), is also “meh” for me. He’s a bratty middle school idol/singer that tours a lot, so we may not see much of him. Yuusuke (16) is actually Ema’s classmate in high school, and it appears that he already has a crush on her, so he doesn’t really want to accept that she is his new sister. I have a feeling I will get a lot of laughs from him. ^.^ Iori (18) is next, and he’s the prince of the high school. I’m not really sure what to think about him yet. The next brother, Subaru (20) is a college basketball player. He’s a bit awkward around Ema and seems pretty shy, but a nice guy overall. Then comes Louis (or Rui, 21) who is a beautician. It seems he can hear Juli talk as well, and he makes me think of air? for some reason. Maybe it’s because he seems gentle. Then comes the triplets (24). Natsume is the youngest, and we haven’t met him yet since he is one of the brothers that lives separately. He works for a game company. There was a text from him at the end of the second episode, so maybe he appears in the third episode? Azusa is the middle triplet and an identical “twin” with the oldest triplet, Tsubaki. Where Azusa is more serious and straightforward, Tsubaki loves to tease and joke around. I really like these two so far. I especially liked it when Azusa punched Tsubaki for hugging Ema when they first met, lol. But they are two peas in a pod, so it will be interesting to watch them! They are both seiyuu. (Phew, two-thirds done!!) Hikaru (27) is the other brother that lives separately and who also hasn’t been introduced yet. Apparently he is a cross-dressing novelist, so I’m not sure what to expect from him, lol. Then there is the playboy Buddhist monk, Kaname (28). He flirts with Ema from the get-go and kisses her (on the cheek) after getting excited when Ema calls him “Onii-chan” at his request. I tend not to like this kind of character, but we’ll see what happens. He may turn out to be one of the exceptions. Ukyo (29) is a lawyer and the “mother” of the family; he does the cooking and the cleaning from what I saw. It might get interesting if Ema tries to encroach on his “territory”, fufufu~! He seems to be responsible and caring though. And last, but not least, comes Masaomi (31). He’s a pediatrician and is a “father” to Wataru. He comes off as very friendly and sweet. So far, most of the brothers introduced have gladly welcomed/accepted Ema into the family, with a couple exceptions. Yuusuke is one of them, for reasons already stated. Fuuto is the other, but it seems he’s more jealous than anything. There is a lot of diversity among the brothers, so I’m looking forward to the interactions between all of them! And, of course, between them and Ema!

We haven’t met the parents yet, but I have a feeling they will show up randomly later. I’m really interested in the brothers’ mom. She had thirteen sons, I’d like to know when she started(!) because she must have been really young, but anyway. Ema’s dad seems like a bit of a slacker, always leaving her alone like that, but you never know. Anyway, I kind of hope that we’ll get a chance to see the parents at least once!

I really enjoyed the voices of the cast, and I think they did a great job picking the seiyuu. I’m personally a bit undecided about the voice Ema’s pet squirrel, Juli, but I will say that it does fit his attitude. Meaning that of a bossy, know-it-all “Uncle” character, lol. I was actually duped a couple of times as well. I had quickly looked over the cast before watching, but I still had a couple of moments where I mistook the voices of the seiyuu. The first one being the seiyuu for the second oldest son, Ukyo. When he first started talking, I could have sworn it was MORIKAWA Toshiyuki, but then I realized it wasn’t; it’s actually HIRAKAWA Daisuke. The second time was with the fifth son, Tsubaki. Again, for a split second, I thought it was MORIKUBO Showtaro, but it’s SUZUMURA Kenichi. Haha! That doesn’t happen to me very often, but twice in the same episode is unprecedented, lol. It’s also a bit weird sometimes because Uta☆Pri Maji Love 2000% just ended, and SUWABE Junichi (Kaname) and TORIUMI Kousuke (Azusa) voice characters from both series. Although SUWABE-san’s characters are essentially the same, so not much to be confused about there. 🙂

The quality seems pretty good so far. I really like the opening, although I can’t figure out why, lol. I will say that it’s pretty clever, in my opinion. The opening and ending themes are catchy. I also like that the seiyuu sing the ending song! The art is pretty good; not too much detail, but not too little either. Sometimes Ema looks a bit weird to me, but that might be due to the art style (But who’s watching for the heroine anyway? Mwahahahaha!). It also might just be me. I get picky and notice strange things sometimes.

I’m looking forward to the progress of this anime! I think the next episode is out today, but I won’t be talking about it episode by episode. I’ll probably do a summary and final thoughts once it’s over! The next anime I’ll talk about will be… well, you’ll find out soon enough! ;P

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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