Clever things I’ve noticed about Uta no☆Prince-sama♪

I’ve been keeping up with the second season of Uta☆Pri, and I just recently realized a couple of really neat things that Broccoli came up with when creating the series. You may or may not have noticed these yourself, but I thought I would share because I was surprised and impressed when I noticed them!

Uta☆Pri from second season

Uta☆Pri from second season

Some background info, Uta☆Pri started out as some otoges (otome games) that later became a manga and then an anime. I really won’t go into the plot because I’m not talking about that today! I just wanted to talk about these little things that I noticed that show the amount of thought put into making the series. You could also say that I’m a little slow for realizing these only now, and I won’t disagree with you, but I still think they make the series a little more special, so I’ll share anyway! Here we go~!

      • The name of the guys in the band make ST☆RISH. Yes, many have probably already realized this, but I think how they did it is interesting, by alternating using last name and first name, and especially saving the “A” for Cecil who officially becomes a member near the end of season two. It’s sad that I only realized this sometime into the beginning of the second anime season because of the ending ! -_-‘ I hope you like the little image I made to illustrate my explanation! 🙂

        STARISH Name Illustration


      • The lyrics to the second verse of the ending song for the first season, Maji Love 1000%. I listen to this song pretty often (actually, I listen to most of the songs from this series… I just have a hard time with the singing voice of the seiyuu for Syo, so I typically don’t listen to those, but anyway), but I realized literally only a few days ago that the lyrics are a bit special for this song. And as far as I know, only this song. In the second verse, the title of the single from each guy that appears in their episode (minus Cecil, of course) becomes a part of the lyrics, and each sings their own title in its entirety or at least part of it (see below). And it actually works to complete the song really well. I’m going to use romaji for the lyrics since most of them are in English anyway. They also sing the title of ST☆RISH’s second single “Mirai no Chizu” twice in the song.
        Uta☆Pri from first season

        Uta☆Pri from first season

        (lyrics from <- I take no credit for these)

        Tokiya: nana-iro no KONPASU ni
        Otoya: Uh honey jibun dake no
        Brand new melody
        Tokiya x Otoya: mitsuketa yo “Rashisa” tte YATSU
        All: dakara tsutaetainda 1000% LOVE
        Masato: tsuyoku
        Ren: hibiku
        Masato: Knocking on the mind
        Ren: Believe heart
        Masato: soshite
        Masato x Ren: tokihanatsu SING
        Shou: otokogi zenkai
        Natsuki: ORION koete
        Shou: niji yori
        Natsuki: kagayaku
        Natsuki x Shou: hana wo sakasemashou

Well, that’s it! There may be more things, but I don’t know about them/haven’t realized them yet. I hope you enjoyed this! If you would like me to share more of these kinds of things in the future (if I notice them), let me know!

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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