GATSBY for women/女のギャッツビ

This is not about the new movie, but thanks for stopping by! LOL

This morning, as I was washing my face, I saw my husband’s bottle of GATSBY face wash sitting next to my face wash and I immediately started singing the song from the commercial. This happens often because song is quite catchy. Anyway, GATSBY is a Japanese brand of men’s toiletries by Mandom, in case you didn’t know. The “face” of the brand is KIMURA Takuya, of SMAP fame, henceforth called KimuTaku. I like to use this face wash on occasion and it made me think that I wish they made GATSBY products for women. I then thought of the perfect commercial to launch this new (imaginary) product line.

My idea is based on this commercial. I strongly advise you to watch the video before continuing…

Watched it? Good. Haven’t? Oh well. You’ll get the gist of it in a moment.

SMAPxSMAP actually did a parody of this commercial in one of the episodes (I can’t find it though D: ) where the person washing his face is a famous old guy. Sadly, I don’t know his name. At the end, when the guy changes into KimuTaku, KimuTaku impersonates the old guy’s voice (pretty well actually) instead of using his regular voice like in the real commercial! I thought it would be awesome to use a similar set-up for the women’s face wash commercial by combining the commercial with the parody. The commercial would start out the same, with a woman washing her face with the new (imaginary) GATSBY face wash for women. She would also turn into KimuTaku at the end, except KimuTaku would have to impersonate her voice and act like her at the end, just like in the parody. Hahahahahaha…

Today’s post is a little off topic from the usual manga/anime theme, but I was really amused by the idea of KimuTaku impersonating a woman’s voice and behavior this morning, so I felt like sharing. I hope this brought a little chuckle to you as well!

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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