Mangas that should have been longer

I’ve been wanting to write another post since I posted the first one, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to talk about. Today, I was looking through my list of manga that I’ve completed reading and came across a few titles of manga that I enjoyed reading, but at the same time, really wished had been longer! So, today I am going to talk about manga series/oneshots that I wish had more chapters to them!

Protagonist of Shuumatsu no Laughter, Luka


The first one on my list would definitely have to be Shuumatsu no Laughter by TANABE Yellow. It is one volume, consisting of five chapters. I don’t think it’s really well-known, and that’s a shame because it is really good! To give a (very) short summary, it’s about a young man, Luka, who has a “mouth of the akuma” on his cheek, and he travels to a town with his younger sister to rid said town of another man who also has a “mouth of the akuma” and who is “terrorizing” the town. The basic concept of the story may not be the newest thing around, especially for a shounen manga, but I think the way the story was thought out and written gave it a little something special. When I finished reading the last chapter, I felt like I was given a very small glimpse into a much bigger and more intricate and complex story. And while the story did have a conclusion of sorts, there were a lot of other things had been mentioned in the previous chapters that had enough potential to keep the manga going. I would also have liked to learn more about Luka and his relationship with his sister, Haru, and to watch them develop. It feels like the manga got axed at a point in the story right before the best part was even told.

Protagonist Ryuu


Another manga that I don’t think is very well-known is Suzu Kaze no Hito, more often called Kazekaze no Hito by YUMEKA Sumomo. It consists of two 30-page chapters. The story is about a girl, Mozu, who comes across a tengu, Ryuu, while running away from an arranged marriage that was needed to save her bankrupt uncle. I think this is one instance in which a manga would have greatly profited by being longer. It’s sad because, even though I liked the story, it was actually a bit boring to read. Two chapters wasn’t enough to really get you involved or to make anything happen in the manga. Obviously, things did happen (it is a story after all), but it felt incomplete and a bit superficial. There was no real character development and that would have made the story much more interesting to read. I would have also liked to see more of the back story of the main protagonists to understand their motives and who they are. This is only just barely mentioned, as in only one or two panels on a single page. I don’t think it would make a good multi-volume series, but at least one volume with a few more chapters would have been fantastic!

Protagonists Lucido and Cornelia

Lucido and Cornelia

The last mangas I am going to talk about are oneshots. One is an individual oneshot and the rest are a collection of four oneshots that were published into a single volume. The first one is the individual oneshot called “Seiten ni Tsurugi wo Kazase” by ONDA Shizuru. It’s about a female blacksmith, Cornelia, who finds an enigmatic young man, Lucido, washed up on the beach. The story works well as a oneshot, but it definitely could be made into a longer series. I think it would be interesting to see the setting and circumstances in which the story takes place more developed. Maybe it’s just me, but I really like to be immersed into the world in which a story takes place. The relationships between the main characters and between the main characters and the supporting characters is glazed over a bit, not surprising for a oneshot, but I think they play an important role in the story, so I would like to see more of that. There is a little bit of character development in the end, which is nice to see in such a small number of pages, but it’s always nice to have more build up before the conclusion. It is a light read though, which is nice, and I think that’s one of the reasons I would like to read more!

Protagonists Vahlia and Lucel

Vahlia and Lucel

Last, but not least, is the volume of four oneshots called Vahlia no Hanamuko by AKIZUKI Sorata. The last two oneshots of this volume are not the ones I’m interested in, they actually work very well as oneshots and I don’t think they would bring anything new to the story by being made into longer stories. The first two, “Vahlia no Hanamuko” and “Ryuu no Moriuta,” however, would be more enjoyable being longer, simply because I love the stories and I want to read more! The former is about Vahlia and her arranged marriage to Lucel that only came about because Lucel’s brother, Jiru (to whom she was previously engaged), essentially ran away. The latter is about a priestess, Shuen, and the dragon child living at the temple, Kito, awaiting the day he becomes a dragon. These oneshots are exceptionally well written, and they work as oneshots, but I’m really interested in seeing the characters interact more and learning more about the worlds they live in, much like the other oneshot listed above. Honestly, I really don’t have any other reason than that for wanting these stories to be longer! :p

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


2 thoughts on “Mangas that should have been longer

  1. Justin

    Hmm. Don’t mind if I decide to check these series out! Especially interested in Yellow Tanabe’s work. That’s the mangaka for Kekkashi right?

    1. oujotaku Post author

      Please do check them out! They are all very good! Yes, “Kekkashi” is by TANABE Yellow, although I personally have not read it. Maybe I’ll read it sometime soon!


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