So I’ve started re-watching Gurren Lagann…

The main characters

Gurren Lagann, Kamina, Boota, Shimon, and Yoko

I started re-watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann recently (this will be the second time) and I am again reminded that this anime is EPIC! Right from the start!

For those of you who don’t know, Gurren Lagann is an anime that aired in 2007 with 27 episodes. It has a little bit of everything; action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, mecha, and even a bit of romance. The story revolves around shy Shimon and his ragtag group of friends, the Dai Gurren Brigade (originally brought together by Kamina, Shimon’s aniki), who literally take on fate and the universe with a “Who the hell do you think I am!?” attitude.  Seriously, that line gets repeated a lot throughout the story. But enough with the synopsis! I’m not here to summarize the story!  Who the hell… Yeah, I won’t go there.

I love that in Gurren Lagann there is actually character development during the story, and not the kind where the protagonist magically “grows up” in the last episode of the series for no apparent reason after failing to “grow up” during what-could-be-classified-as-life-changing situations that happened previously… like in a lot of manga and anime. *Sighs* That was a really long sentence. Anyway, I got attached to the characters (I especially love Shimon), so watching their triumphs and failures and watching them grow into more complex people was involving and interesting and it made Gurren Lagann that much more awesome.

Shimon getting dragged by his ear by Yoko.

Shimon. Isn’t he cute?

Now that I think about it, in Gurren Lagann, everything grows exponentially! Hahaha… Okay, but seriously. The Gurren Brigade becomes the Dai Gurren Brigade because there seems to be a never-ending number of people joining them. The size of the Ganmen the group hijacks and fights against, the distances they travel to fight, and even Shimon’s power are all part of this growth. It seems absurd at times, and it is, but it’s not afraid to be. And that’s what makes it epic! Gurren Lagann as a series didn’t limit itself, it made the impossible possible and nothing was too big or too over-the-top, the sky was the limit! No no, wait, they went past that, too. After all, Shimon’s drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens! *Ahem* Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Another great thing was the voices! The seiyuu cast was amazing! No voice was out of place or out of character. I especially liked KONISHI Katsuyuki as Kamina, the perfect mix of crazy confidence and seriousness! This was backed up by great art (that remained great art throughout the series), great music, and quality production. Everything really came together to make this one of the best anime ever!! This is storytelling at its finest.

So, if you’ve been debating whether to watch Gurren Lagann or not, go watch it! Right now! If you’ve already watched it, watch it again! Frame by frame! Seriously, you should, it’s really funny. You miss a lot of stuff the first time around. Maybe I’ll post a gallery of some of my favorite images I found going frame-by-frame during funny scenes sometime soon! There is also a manga that is currently being released that is based on the anime, but I haven’t checked it out yet. That may also be something I will talk about in the future~!

Until next time,

ChibiChin.  (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧


3 thoughts on “So I’ve started re-watching Gurren Lagann…

  1. milesvibritannia

    Gurren Lagann’s awesome, probably my favorite anime of all time. Hot-blooded action all over the place and great character development, Simon’s growth was fantastic and he’s the character I like best in the series because of how much he goes through and how he overcomes all of his despair.

    I’ve read the manga, or at least what I could get my hands on. It’s enjoyable, but obviously not nearly as awesome as the anime without the fantastic soundtrack and the great seiyuu. Part of it though is that I only read through 6 volumes of it, which covered Part 1’s story. Only the first 3 are online and after Bandai went down the rest of the manga couldn’t be published in America either. =/

    1. oujotaku Post author

      Gurren Lagann is awesome! I can’t say it’s my favorite anime of all time since I have a hard time picking favorites, but it is definitely one of my favorites! I love Shimon, I just want to give him a big hug!
      I’m actually looking forward to reading the manga, since I’ve heard that it goes into more depth and explains more of the story. It’s sad to hear that Bandai went down, so I’ll either have to wait for the scans or I’ll have to really start studying Japanese again (I’ve been lazy lately)! Either way, I’ll get around to reading someday. 🙂

      1. milesvibritannia

        Yeah I get what you mean, there’s so much amazing anime out there. And Simon’s great, it was wonderful seeing just how much he grew over the series. It seemed like it would be Kamina’s show at first but looking back, Kamina was only there to help Simon become the epic leader he would be later in the series and it’s amazing to see how it’s all set up.

        That’s true, there are some extra bits in the manga that hint at some character relationships, such as Rossiu and Kinon or Dayakka and Kiyoh. There’s also another arc dedicated to a manga-only character that has connections to Nia. A few changes to the story details too but for the most part it’s about the same. I’m just sad I never got to read part 2 of the manga, personally I enjoyed part 2 the most in the series with all of the huge-scale fights and plot twists. I hope that one day someone picks up the manga again so I can read the rest, I’d love to see how the manga treats the rest of the series since I’m sure I’d enjoy it even more.

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